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Whether it's a few 100W tanning bulbs for you home tanning bed or a few hundred 160W reflector lamps for your Tanning salon, Tanning Resources is your best source for HOT replacement tanning lamps and high-pressure bulbs because replacement tanning bed bulbs and starters are all we do.


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GOLD BRONZER - The Super Sun X6500 is a 20-min lamp for the tanner that wants a great bronzing lamp that is just "a little hotter" and “a little faster” for a nice golden bronze with less chance of burning. 100W / 6.5% UVB / 1,000 Hour Rated Life. Select lamp size to BUY ONLINE now (not sure, see the sizing chart below) F71, F72, F73, F59

HOT BRONZER - The Super Sun X7500 is our best seller and a 17 to 20-min lamp with a radical boost for the experienced tanner with the perfect blend of speed and bronzing power for a deep dark tan. 100W / 7.5% UVB / 1,000 Hour Rated Life. Select lamp size to BUY ONLINE now (not sure, see the sizing chart below) F71, F72, F73, F59

FAST BRONZER - The Super Sun X8500 15-min lamp is our quickest Super Sun series bronzing lamp for those that tan easily without burning and can’t wait to be tan. 100W / 8.5% UVB / 1,000 Hour Rated Life. Select lamp size to BUY ONLINE now (not sure, see the sizing chart below) F71, F72, F73

SUPER HOT PANTHER - The Panther 9.5 is the most powerful 10-min instant results lamp in the industry! Not for everybody but for the most avid tanner that tans very easily without burning. 100W / 9.5% UVB / 500 Hour Rated Life (same number of sessions a our 20-min lamps rated for 1,000 hrs.). Get the hottest tanning bulb available. Select lamp size to BUY ONLINE now (not sure, see the sizing chart below) F71, F72, F73, F74

EXTREME BRONZER REFLECTOR- The Super Sun Reflector 6.5, for the avid tanner that won’t settle for anything less than the very best. Upgrade your bed with new reflector lamps. This is the same style lamp your local salons normally use in their "upgrade beds" and higher end stand-up units, and are available in 100-watts for your home tanning bed or 100W commercial beds. A reflector is built into the back of the lamp focusing all of the lamps tanning power toward your body. Because of the amount of tanning power being focused you’re able to achieve the deepest bronze tan in a shorter amount of time, and with lesser amounts of UVB for a better tan with less chance of damage to your skin. Once you try reflector lamps you will never want to use anything else. Select lamp size to BUY ONLINE now (not sure, see the sizing chart below) F71, F73, F59

REFLECTOR COMBO - The only downside to reflector lamps is that they can “stripe” your back if there is too much spacing between lamps in the bench (bottom) of your bed. The solution? In the canopy (top) of your bed: Super Sun Reflector 6.5 ”Extreme Bronzer” Reflector & In the bench (bottom) of your bed: Super Sun X7500 ”Hot Bronzer”. Select lamp size to BUY ONLINE now (not sure, see the sizing chart below) F71, F73


 How do I know what length and connector type I need? The length can usually be found as part of the model number on your old lamps (such as F71, T72, etc). The most common length is F71. This is the length although the lamp will actually measure slightly shorter than 71 inches.  (see diagram above). Other common lengths are F72 (usually found in older beds and stand-up units), F73 (usually found in European imports), and F59 (usually found in beds with a facial, the shorter lamps below the facial). Check the connectors on the end of the lamps. They will be either bi-pin (two prongs similar to a standard fluorescent lamp) or RDC (flat black plastic piece, one of the sockets that hold the lamp will be spring loaded for removal). F59 and F71 are available in bi-pin only, and F72 and F73 are available in RDC only.

How do I know which lamp is best for me? Tanning lamps produce both UVA and UVB rays. The UVB% is simply the percentage of the lamp's total UV output that is UVB, but without knowing the total UV output of that lamp it can be misleading. It’s also important to note that a high UVB% does not mean a better lamp. In fact the opposite can be argued. A cheap “value priced” lamp with a high UVB output likely has a low UV total with poor results and short life. To put it in simple terms the UVA rays react with the melanin in your skin which causes tanning. The UVB rays aid in producing melanin and can speed up and intensify the process, but it’s not as simple as more is better. UVB rays are also responsible for the damaging effects of sunlight including sunburn. The right mix depends on how well your skintans and personal preference. All of the lamps listed here will give you a great bronze tan. They will just work at different speed and intensity. Always choose the right lamp for your skin type and avoid burning.

What wattage do I need? Almost all residential beds and most standard commercial beds will be 100-watt. Shorter F59 lamps (usually found in beds with a facial) are 80-watt. Your lamps should have 100W or 80W somewhere on the lamp. Other wattages such as 120, 140, 160, etc do exist in some commercial applications.

How long will the lamps last? Our lamps are rated for 1,000 hours except the 10-minute lamps which are rated for 500 hours (the same number of tanning sessions as a 20-min lamp rated for 1,000 hours).

When should I replace the starters? First of all be sure your bed requires them. If your bed uses F71 lamps then it likely requires starters. If the bed uses F72 or F73 lamps it likely does not. Most bed manufacturers will recommend replacing starters every other time you replace lamps, but since starters are inexpensive and easy to replace wile you have the bed apart to change the lamps you might want to consider it anytime you change lamps. Buy Starters Online

When should I replace my facial lamps? Your facial lamps will have a lamp life similar to your body lamps. Be sure to replace facial lamps (if you have them) each time you replace body lamps. The lamp life for most facials is equal to or less that of the body lamps. Buy Facial Lamps Online

What is the Shipping Cost? Shipping and insurance is FREE to the US continuous 48-states. We do not ship to AK or HI. We also do not ship to Canada or outside the US. All shipments are via UPS only. Please note that UPS does not ship to PO Boxes or APO addresses.

Is the Shipment Insured in case of breakage? YES, in the rare event that any of your lamps arrive broken we will replace them promptly without hassle. If you hear lamp damage in a box when you receive it please accept the package and let us know how many need to be replaced. Keep in mind that one broken lamp can sound like a box full. You will need to hang onto the broken lamps and packaging for a couple of days in case UPS wants to inspect, but that's it.




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